Exclusive: Family office hires Allianz ex-deputy CIO

Kian Ek Quek, a former deputy chief investment officer (CIO) at Allianz Investment Management (Allianz IM), has joined Kamet Capital Partners, a single family office based in Singapore.

Quek has taken up the role of chief risk officer (CRO) and chief financial officer (CFO) at Kamet Capital, reporting to Kerry Goh, who doubles up as CEO and CIO for the family office.

Quek was appointed as deputy CIO at Allianz IM, the Asia-Pacific investment management office of Allianz’s

insurance arm in 2017. He was also the CFO at the firm since 2010.

The executive has held multiple roles at Allianz, having joined the group in 2000. He was seconded to Allianz Global Investors in 2015, where he worked under the Asia-Pacific CIO for fixed income, David Tan, for two years.

He has previously served as CRO for Allianz’s life insurance businesses in China and Thailand.

In other developments, Kamet Capital has also hired an equity analyst, Amos Tan, from Allianz IM. He joins the five-member investment team as an investment analyst, and reports to chief operating officer, Derek Tay.

Prior to moving to Allianz in 2013, Tan was an equity research associate at Lion Global Investors since 2010.

Kamet Capital was launched in Singapore in August last year, and manages the investments and wealth of a private entrepreneur from North Asia.

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By Ishika Mookerjee, 19 April 2018

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