Founders Fund i

Kindling connections, Fuelling innovations

We combine asia's founder community with the next spark of innovators

Just as a brilliant spark is born when two atoms unite, Kamet Founders Fund I exists to foster the same spirit of innovation and progress. By Kamet Capital.

Our vision extends beyond financial perspectives, embracing an entrepreneurial mindset. We perceive potential, not only in the balance sheet, but in the heart of an entrepreneur’s vision. In an intentionally un-institutionalized approach within an institutional framework, we fuel your growth by backing the trailblazers of tomorrow. For those who have invested their zeal and efforts into forging their unique legacy, we’re here to light the way towards further expansion.

how it works

The Fund offers investors exclusive deal access and investment opportunities stemming from our expansive founder relationships

investment strategy

We employ innovative techniques and a flexible approach to curate custom strategies for each of our families:


We focus on the growth markets of US, China and Southeast Asia, markets which we understand well and can capitalise on the large investable market.


Investing in Growth and Innovation within 3 Key themes of Technology, Consumer, and Healthcare.

join us in the kamet founders fund i, and together, let's ignite the spark of innovation and create a dynamic new legacy.

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