kamet long-term
capital fund

Planting seeds for future growth

The fund is rooted in the way Asia’s leading founders invest

The Kamet Long-Term Capital Fund – much like the stalwart oak in the forest – symbolizes growth, stability, and trust. 

Stepping away from conventional practices, you won’t find our portfolio managers tucked away in a bank. Our distinct approach prioritizes two key outcomes: amplifying your returns and judiciously mitigating your risks.

Designed to function as an evergreen wealth compounder, it navigates the investment landscape with a blend of public and private investments. This strategy ensures your wealth tirelessly works towards consistent growth over time.

Our testament? A fund that endures, performs, and validates our methodology.

investment strategy

Employing innovative methods and a nimble approach, we craft custom strategies for each of our families:


Our allocations are global, with a distinct tilt towards Asia’s burgeoning growth.


We identify companies spearheading innovation in their sectors, regardless of whether they’re in public or private markets.


Key themes underpinning our strategy include: Technology, Consumer and Healthcare. 


We are dedicated to meticulously mitigating risks, actively monitoring market trends and potential threats, safeguarding your portfolio against market volatility.

Just like an oak tree that patiently grows, matures, and eventually towers above the forest, our fund aims to provide deep-rooted, long-lasting growth that compounds over time.

Cultivate your future with the Kamet Long Term Capital fund.

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