A partner to influential Asian founders and families


Where international families find their home

Where international families find their home

There is no wealth without a home, and no home without people. We help family members localise in Singapore, then internationalise beyond our shores to fulfil their global aspirations. As pioneers of the Multi-Single Family Office, we guide you through localising in Singapore and venturing internationally.

A new era of families and investors needs an innovative partner, one that align interests by being fully invested with them. One that disrupts tradition with the vision to carve a novel pathway for long-term planning and management. We combine deep institutional expertise with a fresh outlook, focusing on the future.


The world of wealth management was lagging, failing to meet the evolving needs of those it served. So, we decide to reshape it. Kamet Capital was established to help a fresh wave of investors – for founders, by founders – to build their future and maximise their potential.

...and immersed in yours

As trusted advisors to influential founders and families, our experts, who are leaders and stars from best-in-class institutions, provide informed perspectives and analysis of global events who think innovatively yet long-term.
Our unique model of a ‘multi-single family office’ ensures that your private matters remain privately managed by dedicated family executives whilst benefitting from scale, as our investment team and mid-back office, work as one.

Where opportunity is,
you'll find us

You’ll find us at the meeting point of some of the world’s most exciting and fast-growing markets. Our headquarters in Singapore serves as a nexus, bridging geographical and cultural divides, to connect investors with fast-growing markets across Asia and beyond.

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