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We provide total wealth management combined with an aggregated portfolio evaluation. By mixing private with public investments, we’re able to capture the benefits of both worlds, in ways not accessible to traditional investment managers.

Unveiling Our Investment Model: A Balanced Blend of Private and Public

At Kamet Capital Partners, we believe in optimizing your time and financial resources. Our investment approach harmonizes private and public investments, a distinctive methodology that captures the best of both spheres, often beyond the reach of conventional investment managers. Our unique investment model is designed to encapsulate your entire wealth spectrum and illuminate the path to sustained growth.

our services

- Asset Allocation

- portfolio management

- Investment Advisory

- Investment Due Diligence

- Manager & Instrument Selection

- Risk Management

- Private Investment Deal Diligence

- Investment Structuring (for Singapore Variable Capital Companies (VCC))

WHY CHOOSE KAMET CAPITAL FOR investment management

In line with how Asia’s leading new economy founders invest, we allocate dynamically and strategically across multi-asset classes. We have a high allocation and emphasis on private investments, which provide better long-term returns and lower short-term portfolio volatility as private investments do not mark-to-market daily.

We believe that if we take good care of downside risks, the upside gains will take care of themselves. Employing active risk management to protect your investments, we efficiently manage the downside risks with protective puts and hedges.

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