kamet income
innovation fund

Harnessing the Power of Flow, Nurturing Growth

Cultivating Growth through Fluid Strategy

The Kamet Income Innovation Fund is akin to a powerful river, flowing steadfastly and shaping the landscape around it. 

This fund seamlessly fuses two of Kamet’s trusted strategies: Put-write Strategy and Equity Income Strategy. These strategies have remained resilient, carving their path through the rocky terrains of the market during challenging periods for both growth and fixed income investors.

Emulating the river’s constant flow, this Fund brings together diverse sources, offering a consistent stream of returns beyond traditional asset classes. This harmonious blend combines a high-dividend income stock portfolio with dynamic put-writing, adapting to the ever-changing currents of today’s market environment.

how it works

The Fund offers a tributary system of returns. First, by investing in companies with a robust and growing dividend yield policy, we aim to double capital in a shorter span, outpacing the market indices over time. Second, the currently undervalues asian stocks present opportunities for capital appreciation. Third, our dynamic selling of index put options provides an additional source of return. 

investment strategy

We employ a flexible approach and innovative strategies, tailored for each of our families. 

Our focus lies in the fertile deltas of growth markets – US, China, and Southeast Asia, areas we understand deeply and can tap into their rich investment potential. 

Our strategies navigate through Technology, Consumer, and Healthcare sectors, while riding the current of companies with high and growing dividend yields.

Much like a river that avoids obstacles and flows towards its destination, our robust risk management strategy mitigates downside risk while capturing upside potential

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