Transforming Wealth:
Local Roots, Global Reach

Kamet Capital is a Multi-Single Family Office based in Singapore and the trusted advisor to Asia’s leading families

Kamet Capital Partners is a Multi-Family Office based in Singapore and the trusted advisor to Asia’s leading families.

Emerging from a traditional family office, we’ve disrupted the industry with our unique “multi-single family office” model. As your first port of call, we are committed to aiding you in localizing into Singapore by providing comprehensive, tailored services and extending our support at every step of the way. Furthermore, our assistance doesn’t stop at localizing in Singapore. We are also committed to facilitating your journey to internationalize beyond our shores.

Here, privacy is paramount, and your private affairs are managed by our dedicated family executives. Simultaneously, benefits of scale are created as the investment team and the mid-back office are shared and work as-one. Our promise? We are fully invested in whatever you invest in, creating a new path for families to plan and manage for the long term.

Setting a new standard in asset management

At Kamet Capital, we exceed expectations by setting unprecedented standards for service and innovation in asset management. Our team of institutional veterans manages and plans for families who think long-term, just like institutions. In addition, we don’t have sales teams. Instead, our focus is on creating game-changing investment solutions for our like-minded founders: family and founder investors across Asia.

Our values

We follow some guiding principles that ensure we always do what’s best for our investors and can always deliver on our promise.


Bold Integrity: Shattering the mould, we champion transparency, trust, and utmost integrity.


Discreet Elegance: We provide a discreet service to each of our highly valued clients, offering peace of mind to Asia’s leading entrepreneurs.


Client-Centric Solutions: Your challenges are our challenges, addressing all your needs with tailored precision.


Innovative Visionaries: We dare to innovate, trailblazing unique solutions for a dynamic financial landscape.

Multiply these core values - and what you get is Kamet Capital Partners, your trusted wealth advisor.


Starting as a single-family office in 2017, we have grown to become a trusted partner to influential families and founders across Asia. As our investor network has expanded, our understanding of their shared and specific challenges has deepened. We understand their needs and are here to provide the way forward.


Our skilled team brings together over 150 years of experience at the highest level with an unwavering focus on the future and what’s next. We have diverse backgrounds in entrepreneurship and investment banking, combined with a range of in-family office, hedge fund, multi-asset, wealth, and insurance investment management.


Kerry Goh is Founder, CEO, & CIO of Kamet Capital. Kerry has over 26 years of investment experience spread across asset management, family office, hedge fund and private banking, working across the global financial centres of Singapore, Hong Kong, Zurich & London. 

Prior to co-founding Kamet Captial, Kerry managed Asian equities funds, investment trusts and wealth of the Lord Jacob Rothschild through his family office. His most recent position was Head of Portfolio Management Asia for Bank Julius Baer.


We’re the link between investors across Asia and beyond. Our global outlook breaks down barriers and translates ambitions into investments. We innovate from what families need; if we can’t find it in the market, we create it – like the Kamet Long Term Capital Fund.

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